Sunday, August 23, 2009

Studio Decorating

Jason and I had the remainder of the week off (we don't go back to work until Monday after our vacation), so we've spent time puttering around the studio, seeing movies, and taking care of things we've been putting off the last few months. How is it already the late/mid August?

Well.... Jason has had a shelf on his side of the studio most of the time we've lived in this apartment. We finally broke down and got one for my side, too. Here's a few photos of what I've chosen to display on my new shelf.

In college I took a printmaking class. These three prints are all my own work. They are the three I've chosen to hang on my side of the studio.

"Little Dipper" is a linoleum reduction print of my great Uncle Larry's pleasure boat, The Little Dipper. It's probably the print of my own that I enjoy the most.

"To the Natives" is the first print I ever did. I had just been to British Columbia the summer before and had fallen in love with the indigenous art there. I did this print in that style and each of the animals depicted has a story about my dad.

When we were at Uncle Larry's (who lives in British Columbia), my dad spotted an eagle. His camera wasn't loaded or was out of film (I don't recall exactly why), so he quickly used his teeth to rip open the film canister. In the process of opening that canister, he broke off a tooth.

There is a raccoon in the top right corner.
When I was a little girl, we went camping. On one of these camping trips, we had a raccoon incident. Somebody (go up two paragraphs if you've forgotten who these stories are about) forgot to roll up the window in the car. That same somebody woke up that night to hear raccoons playing in the car. They had climbed into the through the window and proceeded to eat everything that was left inside.

In the middle of the print is an otter and a fish. When I was seven, our family vacation was a trip to Yellowstone National Park. We stayed in the Madison campground near the river. My dad was trying out fly-fishing on this trip, so being close to the river was good for this new hobby.

One morning, he got up and was heading down to the river to fish. He was so excited when he saw "trout" leaping out of the water. Thinking to himself, "Wow! This is going to be some great fishing this morning" (or something like that) he hurried down to the water to cast. It wasn't until he got closer that he realized, those aren't trout (the fish depicted in the print), those are otters!

"Untitled" is a zinc plate. There's not much of a story behind this one. I really wanted to do a fairy print and this happened to be it.

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