Friday, August 29, 2008

Please allow me to...

Introduce myself!

Below you will find a quick autobiography of myself and some of the intentions I have for this blog. I hope you enjoy it and will come back again soon.

Hello, I’m Jessica. I’m 24 and originally from Omaha, Nebraska. I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska a few years ago where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Design from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Two weeks after graduation, I married my husband, Jason in Lake Tahoe. We currently live in Kansas City, Missouri with our friendly feline, Lily (you’ll hear more about Lily and her adventures in later blogs, I’m sure). My husband and I both work for my father-in-law, an architect.

We love to road trip and find new places. We love adventures!

So, what I am hoping this blog will transform itself into is this:

I am planning on designing and creating more crafts and such to sell as a source of alternative income for myself. I am writing this blog to be able to document some of my creations along the way and share them with others. I really enjoy making things and have decided that I would like to eventually try to minimize my time in the office to make way for more time in our home studio. Hopefully, this becomes my springboard towards working from home and things go as smoothly as I dream of.

Most of the things I’m interested in making currently have to do with babies. I make a lot of baby quilts for my friends and family and really enjoy it. I love how the soft colors, the small size and how cute baby things can be. I’ve started a list of items I’d like to try make and sell.

The list:

Baby toys
Baby quilts
Baby nursery accessories
Baby gift baskets
Baby picture frames
Customized onesies
Burp cloths
Cat toys

So, hopefully this blog is the first step for me to launch myself into the design world.

Thanks for reading!