Saturday, August 22, 2009

Grand Lake, Colorado

Grand Lake is a really cute little town in Colorado.

We explored this little town. I would totally recommend stopping in for a visit.

We stayed in this adorable cabin.

It wasn't very big, but it was very cozy and very well designed.

I love the kitchen. Aren't faucets coming out of the wall brilliant? No dirt or grime or miscellaneous coffee stuck underneath the faucet from when the coffee pot didn't get pushed all the way in and it spit it's coffee all over the counter.

And the knife block on the wall. Why didn't I think of that one?

The living room was small and cozy. I wish it had been cold enough to turn on the fireplace. I love fireplaces.

The bed was so comfy! I totally came up with the shutter headboard idea after we bought our new bed at home. I decided it wouldn't work for us here because of the window and the height of our bed. Instead we have the electrical tape tree headboard. Maybe someday I'll make a shutter headboard.

They used these old beat-up chairs as night stands. I thought it was a pretty cute idea.

The bathroom was small but functional. Secret: The skirt under the sink is just a tablecloth on a dowel.

This is the link for the cabin Jason and I stayed in. It's currently for sale ($260,000 for this cabin and the other one it's shown with on the link. Aspen Grove Cottage is adorable!

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