Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Row Robin - Alphabet Row

This is the second row I had to work on for this round of the Row Robin Swap.

It is for Sudi-Laura. Her two-year old son loves letters and numbers and this quilt will be for him.

The first row got lost somewhere along the way, so our group has moved forward without it. Valerie did the row for F-J. Mine is the row K-P

I tried to choose a fabric that had something to either 1: do with the letter it was creating or 2: had an image of something that started with the letter in it.

"K" is for Kites.

"L" is for Lettuce Green.

"M" is for Motorized Martians.

"N" is for Numbers.

"O" is for Ocean. Initially I had chosen this fabric because I thought it had an octopus to find out that, oops! That's a squid!

"P" is for Puppies.

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