Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pumpkin Baby Shower

Jason's family threw us a shower over a month ago now in Kansas City.  We all partied at his mom's house.  Baby Pumpkin
Isn't this little pumpkin cute?
Snack table
There were lots of yummy snacks.
The yummy cake
This cake was delicious!  I only had a nibble of it though, since I'm temporarily diabetic and it was pretty rich. 
Snack spread
See?  Lots of yummy snacks.
Fruit skewers
Fruit skewers stuck into a pumpkin.
Cheese ball
This was a cheese ball!  I love cheese balls.  :)
And crackers for the cheese.
The cake cutting
We were fancy and got to cut the cake like at our wedding. 
Momba with Elle in the background
We played the what kind of poop is in the diaper game. 
Elle tasted it. 
Mom & Dad
The poop game
Jason's face is not reassuring of our upcoming adventures.  It's fake poop; what's he so grossed out by?
Playing a game
They won
Tammy & Michael were the best fake poop guessers. 
Tammy won a game
Michael won a game
The boy game
The boys played a game.  They were each given a bottle with 4 oz. of beer.  The winner was the guy who could chug the beer from the bottle the fastest. 
Joe practicing with the bottle
Joe was one of the two last guys remaining.
Michael working the bottle
Michael was the other.
Oops!  Joe choked up.
Michael winning
Michael was committed.  Check out the beer drips down the front of his shirt.  Perhaps that's why he won. 
Joe & Kathryn
Joe & Kathryn.
Katie & Amber with Mom in the background
My mom in the background; Katie & Amber in the foreground.  Isn't my sister cute?  I think so.
Michael & Tammy
Michael & Tammy.
Mel & Alex
Mel & Alex.
We're having a baby.
Jason & I. And Squirmy, too, but you can't see him all that well.
Party favors
These were the party favors.

We had a lot of fun.  We got a lot of really cool presents for the little guy.  It was a really nice party.  The weather was beautiful that day; great for the people who drove 3 hours to party with us. 

Monday, November 28, 2011


A few weeks ago, I went to Omaha for a baby shower my family & friends were throwing to celebrate my little guy.  I stuck around an extra day and a half so my mom and I could whip up some diapers.  I had picked up this pattern a while back for making all-in-ones.

Diaper Fabrics
I dug through my stash of fun fabrics before I left Kansas City & my mom dug through her stash.  The pile of fabrics shown above are what we ended up using from my stash.  I didn't take a picture after she added her fabrics to the mix.  :(

Us working 1

Mom cutting
Cutting things took FOREVER.  I hate cutting.  Have I mentioned I hate cutting?  It's my least favorite part of sewing. 

Us working 2
I love that the dogs are never far from any possible action. 

Mom sewing
Our babylocks got to play together again. 

Us working 3
We spent about a day and a half at the dining room table.  We cut fabrics.  We sewed parts together.  We attached elastic.  We topstitched stuff. 

Finished Diapers
This is what we ended up with.  20 diaper shells & 21 of the soaker pad inserts.  Some of the outer shells are from flannel & some are just quilter's weight cotton.  I think the next time I make some, I'll just use the cotton; it seems to form a little better than the flannel. 

Finished Diapers 2
Aren't they adorable?  They're super soft inside.  I think little guy will like wearing them.  How could he not like wearing such fun panties?

A suggestion I would offer for the pattern making people... I wish the pattern would have said how much fabric and other supplies was necessary for each diaper, not several.  I found a fat quarter was enough to do one of the outside shells, so that may help you pattern following people. 

How we did them:
We used either flannel or cotton for the outer layer.
The inside layer you can't see is a white PUL.
The lining is a white fleece.

The soaker pads are all fleece.  I serged the edges of each of them.  The serging is a little tricky to do with 4 layers of fleece, so be careful.  My soaker pads aren't the prettiest things, but we must keep in mind what is going to be done on them.  I think they'll do the trick.  :)

I'm really excited to give cloth diapering a try.  Currently my stash consists of:
  • 20 AIO's that are a size small
  • 21 soaker pads for the size small AIO's.
  • 36 newborn chinese prefolds
  • 6 small prefold covers
  • 20 regular sized prefolds
  • 1 medium prefold cover
  • 5 size 1 snappi's
I need to make some prefold covers to fit a newborn, so if anyone has some suggestions on good patterns to use in a newborn size, I'm all ears.  I'll also need to make or obtain some larger prefold covers, but I'm planning to hold off a while on those and see how this cloth diapering thing works out for us. 

Also, I'm not 100% sure how I'm going to work the pail system.  I picked up a lidded trash can to use as my diaper pail & was planning to go with a dry system.  Anybody have suggestions on how to work that?  I have to carry my diapers from one end of the house and down the stairs to the laundry room, so I'm liking the idea of a dry system to avoid spilling a heavy wet pail. 

Is there any diaper stuff I will absolutely need that I'm forgetting?  I'm open to suggestions!

Cyber Sale!

I feel a little bit bad about not being around the blog the last month and a half, so I'd like to share another coupon code for the etsy shop with you. Today only, you can type in 2011CYBERSALE and receive free shipping in the United States. 

Does that make up for me getting ready for my baby to come instead of hanging out sharing cool stuff with you?  Don't worry... I've been making lots of cool stuff that I'll share when I get a chance to take a breath from my nesting habits and sit in front of the computer for long enough to upload loads of pictures.  Be ready to see some fun baby shower ideas my family came up with, cloth diapers, and few fun things I made for in the baby's nursery.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday!

Did you survive the food coma yesterday?  Are you crazy like me and headed out shopping bright and early this morning?  Well, to kick off the official holiday season, I'd like to share another coupon code for the etsy shop with you.  Today only, you can type in 2011BLACKFRIDAY and save 25% off anything you purchase.  Be sure to stop by and shop around for gifts for all those special people in your life. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jason and I are cooking up a storm for our family today.  We're really excited to be able to have everyone over to our house to share in all the food and festivities. 

Because I didn't want you to feel left out, I thought I'd share a coupon code for the etsy shop.  Today only, you can type in the code TURKEY2011 and receive 10% off anything you purchase in my shop.  Be sure to stop by to see all the fun Christmas things I have listed currently.

Enjoy your day and don't eat too much turkey!  Happy Thanksgiving!