Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

So, the weather outside has been a little frightful. I don't have a fire, but that would be so delightful. Since I don't have a lot of places to go, let it snow; let it snow; let it snow.
Just kidding (a little bit; I really do love the snow). It's snowing again and it's terribly cold. All this snow is getting a little old. We got stuck twice yesterday on our commute to and from work. How fun!
So, I thought I share a few photos of how the snow at my parents' house has been. These were a few days after Christmas and there's been more snow since then.
My parents live across the street from a small university. There's a big empty lot across the street where the school tore down several houses years ago and has yet to do anything with the land. Well, other than pile snow. The snow piles in that lot are about 15 - 20 feet tall. They've had a front end loader just dumping snow there. Unfortunately, you're going to have to take my word for it; we didn't take any pictures of that.
One of the worst things about the storms lately have been the drifts. The image below is of my dad's 1959 Chevy Suburban. This thing is a very big vehicle. I'm five feet tall (which isn't anything to write home about, but we're going to use me for a scale) and to see anything under the hood, I have to stand on something the size of a five gallon bucket. Can't imagine the size using me? Well take a look at this picture. See that little car in the background (top right)? That's my mom's Honda CRV. It's sitting about 15 - 20 feet behind the suburban. No joke, this thing is enormous. Sadly, you can't see the flames painted on the front end. It rocks!
Have I ever mentioned that I love Jeeps? This one is why. It was my first car. My parents still own it and it's been a life saver the last few weeks for them. It's been the only car that has been able to get out and about after the last few storms have hit.

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