Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gingerbread House Contest: Jason's House

gingerbread house contest 2009

Jason made an igloo this year for his entry into the contest.

He tried to bake a dome over a pyrex dish, but it wouldn't unstick itself. Instead, He took the pieces from that pyrex attempt and frosted them all together.
Jason_Pre Baked


This little snowman started melting. Do you think it could be some sort of chemical reaction between the taffy and the cotton candy?

  • Gingerbread for structure.
  • White rock candy for ice crystals on igloo.
  • Peach flavored gummy penguins.
  • Cotton Candy for snow.
  • Taffy for the snowman.
  • His face and the sidewalk are out of gum in the shape of coal.
  • The door to his igloo is a necco wafer.

Jason_Front with Snowman



Jason_Front Door


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