Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gingerbread House Contest: Mom's House

gingerbread house contest 2009

This is her forming her pieces.

Fresh out of the oven!

I love this pair of pictures. We go from, this is a piece of cake and I've got this structure building thing down to the "Oh no! It's not sticking" face. Love it!
Mom's Structure

While she may have some issues with her buildings leaning, she rocks at the decorating part. Here's a few detail shots of some of the individual parts of her house.

The camp fire.

The snack the kids who live in this trailer left for Santa.
Mom_Santa's Snack

How about the license plate?
Mom_License Plate

  • Gingerbread for the structure.
  • Donut tires.
  • Campfire is out of pretzels & fruit roll-ups.
  • The fire ring is out of gingerbread.
  • Gumball for a Beachball.
  • License plate is out of a fruit roll-up and alphabet soup.
  • Fruit roll-ups for the doors and windows.
  • I think the sand is corn meal, but I'm not for sure.
  • The grass is coconut dyed green (if I remember right.)
  • Fishing pole is from one of those pirolette things, liquorish, and gummy fish.
  • Picnic table from gingerbread.
  • I'm not sure what the snack is from.
  • Tree is from ice cream cone, sprinkles, and liquorish.
  • There are also candy canes surrounding the door.


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QuiltSue said...

I am really enjoying this. I am looking forward to finding out tomorrow who the winner was.