Monday, January 11, 2010

Gingerbread House Contest: Dad's House

gingerbread house contest 2009
You may or may not remember that my family has done a gingerbread house building contest the last few years. Well, we kept this tradition alive this year as well, even though we had to do it a little late due to work schedules and winter weather.

This year we stuck to the same rules and scoring system as last year. These rules and scores are outlined in my post from last year. Click here to see it.

I think each of our houses warrant an individual post, so I'm going to drag this out throughout the week. Check back on Friday to see the winner.

To kick off our week of Gingerbread Houses, here's the house my dad built.

My dad's house has a bit of a story to it. There's a young guy that lives down the street from my parents. He has a nice house and also owns a big empty lot next to it. Well, apparently my dad and Nick (the young guy) have been chatting about Nick putting in a garage. So, this year, my dad made his gingerbread house as a representation of what Nick's place would look like with a garage built into the hilly lot. Here it is:


I love his cars!

  • Cake for the topography.
  • Gingerbread for all the structures.
  • Wafer cookies for the driveway.
  • Chocolate for the garage doors.

Dad & Chloe

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QuiltSue said...

That's brilliant. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest now. Thanks for showing them to us.