Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gingerbread House Contest: My House

gingerbread house contest 2009
This is the house I built this year. It started out as a victorian farmhouse and quickly flopped from there to a contemporary model. Oh well.

This rolling pin is awesome. It weighs a lot more than my silicone one!

I like to make sure things will line up. It's the secret to my mostly square structures.

The gingerbread recipe we used this year wasn't quite as good as the one we've used in the past. Our past recipe was out of a library book, but unfortunately nobody could find it to check it out this year.

  • Structure from gingerbread.
  • Roof is from Necco Wafers.
  • Wreath is a green gummy thing with red M&Ms.
  • Pathway is from gum made to look like coal.
  • Path edging from gummy things with little sprinkles.
  • Jumping fish from fish gummy.
  • The grass sort of stuff is chow mein.
  • Tree from icing covered ice cream cone.
  • My windows are of gingerbread covered with frosting.




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