Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sewbot's Favorites - My Mini from Sewgentle

sewbot's favorites

This week, my favorite thing is the July swap with the Mini Quilt Swap on flickr.

I mentioned the July swap here and here  that I joined with the Mini Quilt Swap.   I was lucky enough to be paired with sewgentle this time around.  Check out all the fun stuff she sent to me.

Sewgentle's Mini for Me - Mini - Full Front
This is the mini I received.  Isn't she fabulous?  It's from a pattern titled "Regina del Mar".  One of Jason's pet names for me is "del Mar" which means "of the sea" in Spanish.  Regina, is also from the sea!  :)

Sewgentle's Mini for Me - Mini - Front - Upper Body
Isn't her crazy hair fun?  I really love her french knot belly button.

Sewgentle's Mini for Me - Mini - Front - Details
Check out this embroidery!  Fantastic isn't it?

Sewgentle's Mini for Me - Mini - Full Back
Here's the back.

Sewgentle's Mini for Me - Loot!
Check out all the bonus stuff sewgentle sent me!

Sewgentle's Mini for Me - Grocery List
There was this magnetic grocery list.

Sewgentle's Mini for Me - Robot Squares
She picked out these little squares of this robot fabric because it reminded her of my flickr buddy icon (shown below).  Jason has already mentioned that he might like a little of this fabric in his robot quilt.

Sewgentle's Mini for Me - Liberty Bell Fabric
Sewgentle lives close to the Liberty Bell.  She used this fabric for Regina's tail and sent me the remainder.  How fun!

Sewgentle's Mini for Me - Robot Panel - Full
She sent this fun robot panel by Cosmo Cricket.  I'm thinking it might work it's way into the Robot Quilt I'm working on for Jason. 

Sewgentle's Mini for Me - Robot Panel - Love Bot 
This is my favorite part of the robot panel.  It says "LOVING YOU IS IN MY CODE".  How funny!  You knew I was a nerd right?  This shouldn't come as a surprise that I love funny robot love talk.

Thanks, sewgentle for a fabulous swap.  I had a lot of fun making you the "Seaside" mini quilt.  I had even more fun receiving your "Regina del Mar" mini quilt.  I really enjoyed being your partner this time around.

Also, Happy 2nd Birthday to my nephew, Lucas!

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