Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bonus Quilt

I've mentioned on here before that I'm part of the KC Scrappy Bee. One suggestion from one of the other bee members was to make a second quilt as we go along.  I decided this sounded like fun. 

In order to make a second quilt as we go along, each month I will make at least 2 blocks: 1 block for the hostess + 1 block for me.  The hostess's block will be from whatever focus fabric she provides.  The second block for me will be from this fabric that Jason picked out.  Both will be made using the same pattern, so the fabric will be the only change. 


The first block I've made for this quilt I made using the same pattern Nikki gave out for the Quilt of Valor block

Here it is.  Here's the first block for Jason's robot quilt.

Here's a detail shot of the block. I love how perfectly the points come together on this pattern.

Jason is pretty excited and I must say that I'm loving the robots, too.

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