Friday, August 13, 2010

My Aunt June

My friend & fellow KC Modern Quilt Guild member, Lauren writes the blog My Aunt June and runs the etsy shop Aunt June

She makes some really fabulous fabric.  I sent some of her grey boat fabric to my swap partner in the Mini QT Swap last month

Well... why am I telling you about Lauren?  Because she's the featured seller on etsy today!  How great is that?  I loved reading her interview.  I had no idea how many things we have in common.  Let me point out a few of these things.
  • She was a violinist, so was I.  Her violin sounds so much cooler than mine, though.  And I was never in a band; just the nerdy-old orchestra.
  • She was an art major.  I was an architecture major with a LOT of art classes under my belt.  I thought I was close to an art minor, but silly advisors....
  • She likes board games and dinner parties; have I mentioned that we have 5 different Monopoly boards.  Just boards, we also have 2 card games, 1 dice game, and 1 Wii game.  All of the Monopoly variety.  (P.S.  Family, read that as we don't need ANY more Monopoly games.) 
  • She just bought a house.  We close on our house on August18th. 
  • She is a road tripper.  We are road trippers.  Both of our honeymoons were road trips.  Both honeymoons involved Abraham Lincoln in some way. 
  • She likes garage sales.  I LOVE them!
  • In 10 years she'd like to be taller.  Somehow I don't see either one of us getting very far on that one.  Have I mentioned here that I'm pretty short.... five-foot zero and one-half inches. 
See all the things you didn't know about me?  Now, thanks to Lauren's interview, you know all these random facts.  Don't worry, there probably won't be a pop quiz.
Congratulations, Lauren!  Get some sleep and enjoy your day!


M.M.E. said...

I found Aunt June's shop through the Etsy Featured Seller story and she's such a wonderful artist! Thank you for sharing more about her! Goodness, you two could have been sisters. I really like your blog, by the way, and I can't wait to see what you post next.

Jessica said...

She is pretty fantastic, isn't she? :)

Thanks for stopping by!