Friday, August 13, 2010


Jeanne over at Grey Cat Quilts put up a post discussing my DQS9 mini quilt.  She flickr mailed me asking if she could discuss what she thought was modern about my quilt.  It's always fun to have someone dissect my work... it takes me back to the critiques of my architecture school years.  It forces me to see things from a different perspective and re-think some of the decisions I made along the way.

DQS9 - In progress - Waiting for pins

One of the things I find interesting about when people discuss or comment on my work is the mention of my use of colors.  I've mentioned before that I'm trying to step outside of my box when it comes to color.  I'm really quite scared of mixing them; I usually cheat and just pull colors I like out of a conversation piece.  It's interesting to me that for some reason people seem to think I know what I'm doing.  Maybe people are just trying to be nice, thinking I'll stop talking about being afraid.  Maybe they're hoping I'll build enough confidence and just quit yakking about it.  Ya think?

Head on over to Jeanne's blog and check out what she has to say about my quilt.

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