Monday, August 2, 2010

Clear thread

I mentioned in this post that I would talk about the clear thread I've discovered.

It's awesome stuff!  The stuff I'm using is 100% polyester by Sulky.  It's this stuff...

Sulky Premium Invisible Thread 2200 Yards Clear 232S-2001, 3 Item(s)/Order 
Premium Invisible Thread 2200 Yds: Clear

It's really really fine and has a slight shimmer to it when you use it. 

What I really like about it is the way it looks when you quilt something with it.

Detail - 02

All of the thread used here was clear.  I like how it doesn't add a lot of busy-ness to the image, but adds a more subtle textures. 


The seashell fabric I used in the background here is very busy, but the thread doesn't take away from it like a colored thread would have. 

Isn't that neat how that works?  I think I might have found a new favorite in this thread.

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