Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bee Block for Andrea

Here's the block I made for Andrea for the KC Scrappy Bee.  She asked for pluses and minus using the blue dotted fabric. 

Bee Block for Andrea

I have been trying to overcome my fear of color lately, by using a color wheel for just about everything.  Typically, I use white as the background for EVERYTHING!  Jason convinced me that orange was the right choice here and that I could handle it.  I think it turned out. 

Andrea mentioned that she didn't particularly care if the the blocks were 12.5", but if they added up to that size, that'd be great.  I thought I'd put a bunch of mini blocks together to make a 12.5" block that she can pull apart if she likes.  I thought the mini blocks together were a little more interesting than just a plus or minus sign. 

Want to see the blocks I've made in the bee over the past few months?  Go here to see Nikki's block and here to see the Quilt of Valor Block.

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Angela Walters said...

Love the orange! Great block.