Friday, August 6, 2010


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I've been working on this mini quilt a lot lately. This is one of the last projects I need to finish up before we pack up the studio to move. (We're moving the 21st of August if anybody is interested in relocating boxes with Jason and I.)

DQS9 - In progress - Jess Sewing
Jason snapped this picture of me a few nights ago working on the DQS9 quilt.  I'm trying trapunto for the first time, so I'm stitching around the circles here.  I want to quilt pretty densely around the circles to have them really pop. 

DQS9 - In progress - Waiting for pins
This is where the quilt is currently.  I have it waiting for pins.  I didn't have enough pins for 2 mini quilt projects, so I had to go buy a few more last night.  This is where I left off on it last night.  After I baste it, I'll be quilting it.  I has yet to be trimmed, so don't be concerned about it's irregular shape. 

The back is a little bit crazy.  I made it just like I made the orange wedges.  I used the same orange fabric on the back.  I'm thinking of using orange thread in the bobbin and in the top thread for the orange wedges to help tone it down a bit.  I'm not sure what color thread I should use in the top thread on the black wedge.  I'm not planning on quilting over the circles, but outlining them again to really bring out the trapunto.  Any suggestions on the thread color over the black?

I'm planning to use this method to bind this quilt.  I'm not sure which colors I should use.  I was thinking the same blue fabric I used for the piping separating the orange and black for the the  "piping" in the binding.  What are your thoughts?  Any suggestions?

Go here and here to look back at the progress I've been making on this project.

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QuiltSue said...

I think I'd use a blue thread the colour of the piping on the black, and also a blue binding. Or you could go completely zany and use some other colour altogether like red?