Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jargon of the Week - Hexies

Jargon of the Week

Not sure what hexies are?  Well, they seem to be the hip thing to be doing right now.  Hexies is a quiltie jargon short for hexagons. 

What does define a hexagon as?
hex·a·gon [hek-suh-gon, -guhn]

a polygon having six angles and six sides.
Origin: 1560–70; < Gk hexágōnon.
Duh!  A polygon with 6 sides is a hexagon.  In the quilting world, hexagons are made using English Paper Piecing to create a block pattern.  Here are a few examples of hexies from flickr:
Hexies Mosaic
1. Munki Munki hexies, 2. hexie Art??, 3. hexy flowers, 4. the pillow talk {swap} sneak peek, 5. Hexie Potholders!!, 6. Pillow Talk { Swap }...???

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