Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear partner,

I'm so excited to be a part of this swap with you!  I'm grateful to you for making something just for me.  I can't wait to see what you come up with and am sure I'll love it!

I hope I haven't made researching or stalking me too difficult for you.  I've added a lot of new favorites to my flickr account for you.  I've added a bit more information to my flickr profile.  You should be able to find things I like to make myself on my flickr photostream, but don't think you have to make something I would make or do something the way I would do it!

I've even made a mosaic of things I like just for you!
DQS Inspiration Mosaic
1. for Beth, 2. Bee Pieceful - September 09 Block, 3. dqs7 quilt, 4. mini quilt, 5. doll quilt swap received, 6. Sailboat Pillow, 7. black bird mini with frame, 8. "my favorite dress" quilt, 9. mini quilt from Knit One Quilt Too, 10. Swap til you Drop - January 2009 Theme: Sing It, Watch It, Read It, 11. robin, 12. september mini quilt for lucette, 13. 4 Roseanne, 14. 4 Roseanne, 15. STUD Quilt for Piece of Me, 16. birds_with_snail_detail2, 17. gnome quiltlet, 18. fish quilt, 19. DQS8 #1 "Think Spring", 20. 6-12 inch mini quilt swap, November sent, 21. DQS8 Received from Karen!!!, 22. DSQ8 Doll Quilt full view, 23. it's mine!, 24. DSC02795 Black & White deer with red bird quilt, 25. DQS5 - Another Peek

I tried to show you some of the things I love.  In case it isn't very obvious or I forgot to mention...
  • I love color and texture.  Do not be afraid!  I really like odd colors together!  I like bold.  I like bright.  I like dark.  I like light.  I don't think you can go wrong here!
  • I love creatures.  Birds and fish seem to be the most popular these days, but I love just about all of them (minus snakes and eels, eew!). 
  • I love camping and being outside.  I think trees are some of the most beautiful things around.  The best nap you can take is in a hammock strung between two trees.
  • I was an architecture major in school, thus I definitely have a soft spot for buildings. 
  • I love small details.  Feel free to add lots!
Some of my favorite fabric designers are: Heather Ross, Anna Maria Horner, Kaffe Fassette, Amy Butler, Tula Pink, Michael Miller, Lizzy House, Joel Dewberry, and Heather Bailey.

Please, make something you'll have fun with.  I'll love anything you make for me and can't wait to see it.

Happy quilting!

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