Monday, April 5, 2010

Row Robin Swap

I've been waiting for a long time to post about this swap. This was the first swap I ever joined. The sign-ups for it closed way back on February 28, 2009. I am terribly disappointed with the way it ended up.

Things were sailing along smoothly until after the first send out date, our swap mama had to drop out because of some health issues. Understandable.

That's when everything fell apart. One lady in the swap held onto each row she got for months. Yes, I said months. The deadlines were supposed to be every 6 weeks. How nice is that? Not.

Another of the swappers in my group had her father pass away. She told us she was going to get back into things shortly. That was six months ago.

The whole swap was supposed to be done back in November. It's now April. I still haven't got any rows back. In fact, I don't think any have been added. That's nice, because the lady who has been holding things up the entire swap just got a complete set of rows back. Isn't that nice?

I didn't even take photos of the row I did for her. It's been sitting on my desk for about 3 months waiting to be mailed out to her. We decided to hold it hostage in hopes of getting everyone else's rows back. I'm now wishing I hadn't done one for her at all.

I had high hopes for this swap. Do you remember my first wizard of oz row? Well, I'm pretty sure that even though it sat with Lady #1 for six months to be sent off to Lady #2 for an additional six months, it's still a single row. Isn't that a bum deal?

Anyway... it's over. Hopefully, our rows are on their way home. I hope Lady #1 enjoys her full set of rows enough for all of our group. She's the only one getting a full set back. Unless, of course I'm completely wrong and those two actually made rows for everyone else and were just holding them hostage, but I really doubt that's the case.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. If they weren't going to communicate or follow through, I wish they never would have joined. -Valerie