Monday, April 19, 2010

Chicago Day #3 - The Show

These are photographs I took at the Chicago International Quilt Festival.  I apologize for their poor quality; I had our small point & shoot (a.k.a. crappy camera) and was limited in time. My mom and I breezed through the display quilts in less than an hour. (It was a very fast trip).

Cherry Blossoms #4
This is "Cherry Blossoms #4" by Noriko Endo.
Easter Parade
This is "Easter Parade" by Sandy Curran.
Evening Egrets
This is "Evening Egrets" by Joanne Baeth.
SHH!  She's Sleeping
This is "SHH!  She's Sleeping" by Barbara McKie.
Mary's Basket of Flowers
This is "Mary's Basket of Flowers" by Mary Seymour.
Hibiscus Reflection
This is "Hibiscus Reflections" by Barbara Barrick McKie.
Testa Work
This work was hung in the Saturday Night Sampler. It is by Melanie Testa.

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