Friday, April 16, 2010

Chicago Day #1

My mom and I were in a class today called Quilting with Character and Charisma.  In this class we learned the techniques to make these

I learned some great tricks to using pigment pens to illustrate fabric.  It's fabulous the way it works.  It's pretty easy to do, too. 

We got to sew on this MemoryCraft (I think!) sewing machines by Janome.  They were awesome!  So cool to try to use another machine.  It's kind of like driving someone else's car.  Fun!

I snapped a few photos of our instructor's amazing creations.  Unfortuately, I can't share the photos with you because of copyright issues.  Within the program for the entire festival it states that they don't want you posting photos on the web.  Pam also specifically stated that we can't put them online, so I think we're out of luck.

Pam Holland taught this class.  She's a very talented lady.  So neat to learn from somebody so creative.

We also headed into downtown this evening.  We met up with Jason and my dad for some Giordanos Pizza.  Yum!  Then we took a little walk through Grant & Millenium Park to show my parents where we got engaged.

Today we're taking Small Works, Big Impact with Melanie Testa.  We're looking forward to learning something new. 

So far it's been fun.  Sorry the posts may be a bit boring due to no fun photographs. 

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