Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A new computer!

We decided it was time for an upgrade.  Our old arrangement just wasn't doing it for us anymore.  We've been hobbling along on just one laptop for nearly two years now.  It's just not working anymore.  I am wanting to read and write blogs in the evening, but Jason has had some drafting side work many nights.  His side work is great for our expenses, but not so good for the Sewbot.  So, the time came to upgrade.  This is the first time I'm writing a post from my shiny new Toshiba.  So, far I love it.  I just thought I'd give all my readers a heads up that I'm back in the modern world with a laptop that's reliable and probably always available for my use. 

Now, it just needs a name.  I am leaning towards "The Leo McGarry" after my favorite character from The West Wing.  I'm nearing the series finale and loving it.  If you haven't ever seen this t.v. show I totally recommend Netflixing it.  It's fabulous.  It's smart & funny.  Sometimes it goes above my head, but hey... I'm not in politics, so I'm bound to get lost here and there.

Do you have any suggestions for a name for my new laptop?


Alexis said...

Go with Leo McGarry!

Jessica said...

Does that mean you're a West Wing fan? :)