Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chicago Day #2

Today my mom and I took another great class.  Today's class was Small Works, Big Impact taught by Melanie Testa.  We learned some really fun techniques.  Here's a few photographs from today's class.  Sorry about the bad lighting.  The images of my projects were taken in the hotel bathroom. 
Ladies Chatting

Gossiping Ladies

Black Bird

We also hit the vendor part of the festival in the evening.  Unfortunately, we were caught by surprise to learn at 6:45 that they were closing at 7pm and not 9pm.  Bum deal.  I did get to try out this machine, so not all was lost.

Janome Extended Bed

Janomi Face

Note: If you click on the images above, you will be linked to the flickr page where they are hosted. The flickr page has a much better description of each of the images.

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