Friday, July 31, 2009

Grand Teton National Park - Part 2

This is the gondala we took to the top of Rendevous Mountain.

This is me "On Top of the World" at the top of Rendevous Mountain.

Some wild flowers.

This is Jason scouting some elk with his new "field glasses". Unfortunately, some little girl kicked them off a railing when we were scouting for wolves in Yellowstone, and broke them. We've only had them for 3 weeks, so we were not very happy. What really annoyed me was that her parents didn't say anything to her about it. She wasn't told to apologize for kicking them off a railing she shouldn't have been climbing over anyway. They were only $120 for the pair and the dad gave us their address to "send the bill" because he "doesn't carry that much cash." Whatever... I think we're probably out $120 because I doubt the warranty covers some little girl kicking them off a railing and I doubt he'd ever send the money for his daughter breaking them.

These elk were here most of the time we were in the park.

A close-up of the elk.

A sunrise from the same spot in the park.

This is a sunset in the mountains.

Our first moose sighting.

This was a bonus. We got to see her swim across the stream to get onto the island.

The crows here were humongous.

We had an awesome breakfast at one of the lodges in the park. We worked up quite an appetite scouting for creatures that morning.

This was our second and final moose sighting in the park.

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