Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sinks Canyon State Park

Jason found this state park somewhere in his research. It was well worth the stop. Here's some photos from the state park and surrounding areas.

These dandelions were huge! The heads were around 2" in diameter.

This little guy had hopped the fence into a cabin's lawn. He was eating the flowers out of their lawn. He's pretty cool, eh? He's a bighorn sheep.

This is the river just outside of the cave with me on a rock near the bottom.

This is Jason studying the river and cave.

This is the Popo Agie river from inside the cave it disappears into.

This is Jason standing inside the cave. You can see the river in the bottom right hand corner.

Jason cooking our dinner. Steaks and camp fire corn.

Best corn recipe ever! Slather one cob in butter. Salt and pepper to taste. Wrap in foil and place in camp fire. El delicioso!

This stream (or maybe it's the Popo Agie River; I'm not sure.) was about 40 feet from our tent.

This is a lake we found further up the mountain. I wish we would have found this before we set up camp at the base of the mountain. Oh well, our site was still awesome.

Another really pretty lake we found up the mountain.

Here was the best thing we did in Sinks Canyon. There's a trail that takes you up to the falls. At the top of that trail is this rock. People slide down it and plunge into the ice cold water. Here's a flash video Jason put together from the photographs he took from my trip down the rock. Just click on the play arrow to view.

This was as cold as ice! Here is Jason's face after hitting the water.

Here is my face after coming up from the water. It was so cold you could hardly breathe.

This is a photo a nice man took of us at the bottom of the trail. We left the rock slide just in time to beat out a nasty looking thunderstorm.

Mom, don't worry. We didn't get trapped in the storm.

The rock that juts out just to the right of the center of this photo is only about 2/3 of the way up to the falls. It was a really cool hike.

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