Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our First Day in Grand Teton

This was off the highway before you reach the Tetons.

Some rain clouds moving in over the mountains. I know we may be weenies, but we really don't like camping in the rain. Thus, we stayed in a hostel this night.

More rain clouds over the mountains.

I must say, I'm loving our new camera. Our old one just could even get close to capturing half of the beauty of these mountains.

I love the road signs in the mountains.

This one is probably my second favorite this far. The first we didn't get a photo of. It was telling you to slow down and had a picture of a SUV nose to nose with a squashed moose.

Watch out for bears!

More rain over the mountain.

This is The Grand Teton.

Can you tell we love the mountains?

An elk herd.

Jason's first Bison sighting.

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