Monday, July 27, 2009

Writing this in Wyoming


Jason and I are on vacation in Wyoming this week. We're currently staying at a hostel in Teton Village in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I thought I'd share some photos of our trip so far, since I paid $5 to have access to the internet.

So, here's a few; hope you enjoy!

This photo is of me standing on a rock adjacent to the "Tree in the Rock." Apparently this tree has been here since sometime in the 1800's. The railroad was routed around this rock. The men running the train used to stop here to give this tree a drink. Fun, eh?

We made it to somewhere in Wyoming on our first day out. The sky that evening was really cool.

Somewhere along I-80 in Wyoming there's an exit called Happy Jack Road. I think it might be at the start of the Lincoln Highway, but I could totally be making that up. This is the third time we stopped on a trip to visit with this guy.

This time Jason climbed up to pose with Abe.

It's a neat sunset isn't it? Our first night out we slept in the car at some rest stop and this was the view from that place. Nice, eh?

I spotted this guy running along the side of the highway. It's a coyote.

Jason spotted a mountain lion running through a field earlier this day, but I didn't see it. Some of these creatures are really hard to see if you don't catch them just right. Unfortunately, there wasn't a spot to pull over to get photos of the mountain lion. I wish I would have seen it... I've never seen a mountain lion outside of the zoo.

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