Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello readers,

It's me; popping in to give you a brief update. It's been a few days since I've posted anything, but unfortunately, that's not going to stop for at least another week.

Let me start by telling you about work. Right now at the office (I work for an architect) we have a huge project for a firm of our size in the works. Tomorrow we had to have a (mostly) full set of drawings for a new grocery store in Omaha. This store is going into a new development at 204th & Pacific. So far this week, I think we have a little more than 15 hours of work over what we would normally have.

Normal work week through Thursday = 32 hours. That's usually where I stop; remember I take Fridays (or at least did before this project came along) off to stay at home and work on Sewbot projects. Well, this week, Jason and I both have 47.25 as of tonight. Whew! We've been busy.

Yesterday, I turned 25! We went to work yesterday and left at our normal time. We came home so Jason could frost my birthday cake and then went to Genghis Khan (I think I might have misspelled that) for dinner. Jason's mom and her husband Terry joined us. Jason's brother, his wife, and their 2 kids came along as well. It was super tasty! I love mongolian food.

After dinner, we came home and had some birthday cake and opened presents.
Note: I'm so worn out from work, I'm not going to attempt to post any photos tonight. Check back in a week or so and we may be able to upload some by then.

After cake, Jason and I cozied ourselves into the couch. After about 20 or 30 minutes, I turned to Jason and said, "I feel like we're just wasting time sitting here." So, we got off the couch, threw on some big kid clothes, and dragged ourselves back to the office. We ended up staying until 11:30 last night. Happy birthday to me.

So, this weekend, we're not working. We've decided to take the weekend off and head down with some friends to their cabin near or on (I'm not exactly sure) the Lake of the Ozarks. I'm so looking forward to it. I think it's the little break we need away from work.

At the end of the month we're heading up towards the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

If I'm a little absent the next few weeks you'll know why.

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