Sunday, July 12, 2009

"She Doesn't Have a Weak Spot in Her Game"

We just got back from the Lake of the Ozarks about an hour or so ago. We had a blast. One of our friends' parents have a cabin and a boat down on the lake. Andy (the friend), his girlfriend, Beth, Jason and I headed for the hills on Friday night.

We went out uncovered the boat, went out on the water for an evening cruise, played Apples to Apples, and petered out.

Saturday morning, we packed up everything we'd need for the day and climbed into the boat for a full day of fun. We swam, we picnicked in the boat, we tubed, we swam some more, and then headed back to the cabin.

Here's a photo of Beth and I on a nice calm part of the tube ride.

Next thing you know, we're being jerked this way and then that way.

Soon after that, Beth's feet are flung over towards me and then a second later she bounced out.

This video is a bit choppy, but it's still pretty fun. You can see how beat up you really get being dragged behind a boat. My legs are flying all over the place. It's also fun to hear the people on the boat laughing and hollering and commenting on the ride. That's where the blog post title comes from... Andy says during this video, "She doesn't have a weak spot in her game!" This video was taken after probably 15 minutes or so of me riding solo in the tube. I went on 2 rides with Beth and 1 with Jason.

Andy was getting annoyed he couldn't dump me, which made it all the more fun!

When we got the boat docked, Andy pulled out a few hammocks for us to rest the remainder of the afternoon. Jason and I crashed out for 3 hours! Andy washed the boat off, fished a bit, Beth lounged, helped Andy with some miscellaneous chores, and they swam.

Three hours later they woke us up so we could head to dinner. We went to this place called Captain Ron's. It was cool. There was a cover band playing that was really good. They had a good beat. We were able to sit in some chairs with our feet in the water for a while. It was a nice place to people watch, eat some good food, and have a good time.

Unfortunately, all four of us got sunburned. I think mine legs are probably the worst. I think it must have happened when I was in the tube because the tops of my legs (which were wedged into the tube's hole) are not burnt, but everything on me that would have been exposed during my rides is. So, we had a great weekend. It was a much needed time away from work (where we've had two VERY long and busy weeks at the office.)

Thanks Andy & Beth for dragging us along!

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