Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quit your day job?

Jason sent me this article a while back and I've just gotten around to writing about it.

It's about a husband and wife who have a full-time etsy business. I found it really interesting because this is exactly what I'm dreaming of for Sewbot's Laboratory.

It would be ideal for me to be able to stay home and make things to be able to support my family. I love that their business got successful enough that the husband was able to stay at home and work on their etsy business, too.

I think it's awesome how they have the freedom to take a nap, or take their daughter to the park whenever they feel like it.

This is exactly what I hope Sewbot will turn into. A family business that allows us the flexibility we need to be able to live and be a family together. Next year I'm hoping to be able to really push it, so we can see where it will end up. Hopefully, it can turn into something successful like the people in this article.

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