Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I love Christmas

This is the gift we made for all of Jason's siblings, my family, and friends. We personlized stationary for everyone.

This is a set we made for my friend, Tammy. She's getting into photography, so what would be more appropriate than cameras?

Jason's mom is into noses. I'm not sure exactly why, but last year we made her a nose calendar and she loved it.

We experimented with some Illstrator brushes. This one we did for both Jason's sister Julie and my sister, Katie.

Jason's dad and step-mom are into cycling. This is a totally original image Jason did in Illustrator.

Jason's brother-in-law, Kevin is studying to be an eye doctor. His name is spelled out in the letters in the "eye chart".

Jason's sister, Elle is a nurse.

All of the rest we did aren't original art. For my pregnant friend we did a pair of baby shoes. For my mom a sewing machine, my dad a hockey skate. For my friend with dual-citizenship we did the Union Jack. It was a fun project and so far it's gone over pretty well.

We did our Christmas with Jason's mom over the weekend. She loved her Superman cape.
Stay warm, enjoy the snow (if it fell where you are) and have a lovely Christmas.

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