Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Sunday afternoon post

This weekend has turned out to be very enjoyable. Jason and I went to the Plaza Art Fair yesterday. It was pretty spectacular. There were all sorts of different artists there and a lot of them had some sensational pieces. There was one intaglio print artist there who did some amazing old barns. She did aquatint etchings with watercolor accents. They were highly detailed and sadly, fairly expensive. A small 2x2 (+\-) print was almost $80. That's really not an awful price for what you were getting, but where would we hang a picture of an old barn? As much as we really liked it, it didn't suit us.

On Friday night, Jason went to play at Josh's so, I had the evening to myself. I worked on repairing my jean skirt. I had made it on my old machine a few months ago out of a pair of jeans that had split in the thigh, but that poor little Janome just couldn't handle it. The tension wasn't tight enough to hold things together I suppose. But, it is now fixed and I have already worn it. Yay!

I also made a few coasters. They turned out pretty cute and work awesome. I'll post a picture soon.

We still haven't gotten the camera back yet. We stopped in to Best Buy yesterday hoping it was in because the estimated return date was 9/18, but unfortunately it was just being shipped. Hopefully we can get it tomorrow.

This morning we went to Weston State Park and did a nice hike. I'm not sure how long it actually was... the trail we took said 2.5 miles, but I'm not sure if that includes the other trail that takes you back to the car or until you meet that other trail. Either way, it was a good walk. I wish we had the camera because the leaves are just starting to change and we saw some really cool bugs. There was a really large snail (large for a snail on a trail in Missouri) hanging out on a leaf in the trail that would have made an awesome photo.

Not an overly exciting weekend, but productive...

I have officially split the pages out of my sewing machine manual. I've used it enough that the pages have started falling out. Lucille and I experimented with new stitches this weekend.

I have also come up with two prints to do for my screen printing class on Thursday...

I'm not sure what I want to print them onto. I was thinking about picking up a canvas bag and maybe a t-shirt, but I'm not positive.

I didn't notice it until after I had came up with the two ideas, but they are both telephone related.


Tammy said...

I like reading your blog, friend.


Jessica said...

I'm glad. Keep coming back.