Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I've been waiting to blog about the things I've been making until after we got the camera back from the Geek Squad. It did come back briefly and I took a bunch of pictures of everything I've been working on, but before I took the photos off the camera we took it back for another "fixing" trip. It's gone for another 2 weeks minimum.

The good news about all of this is that if it comes back again (the third time for this problem) without being fixed, we get a replacement. I think out of the last few months we've been without a camera for a month and a half. It's ridiculous!

This weekend I'm heading home to Omaha. My cousin Christina and her family are coming for a visit. My mom and I are planning to head over to a craft show on Saturday evening, so I'm sure I'll come back with lots of ideas!

I'll post more again soon. Hopefully they call and say, "Sorry we can't fix your camera. Come in and pick up a new one today!" That would be awesome. Hopefully this time they can fix it or give us a new one so we can take photos of stuff!

So, I apologize for the gap between my blogs, but craft blogs just aren't anything interesting without photos.

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