Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Productive Weekend

So, we in the Toye household have had a productive weekend.

Friday night we went to the first Friday Art Walk in the Crossroads District. It was our first time and we really enjoyed it. Click on the link above to see more about the Crossroads.

We headed down after work and had dinner at Bulldog Restaurant and Bar. It was very tasty. I got some inspiration for a future quilt. Check out the pictures of the lights I took in this place restaurant. Some nice arts & crafts light fixtures.
NOTE: Yes, I realize I’m a nerd.

We saw paintings, prints, mixed media, and whatever else you can think of. It was a lot of fun. We considered buying a print, but decided it might not suit our lifestyle forever.

We ran into someone Jason went to high school with. He and his wife make robots. Check out their website. It’s pretty sweet work. Jason and I are now discussing potentially having them do a robot for sewbot. I’ve got a few old singer sewing machines (the kind that sits in the table with the pedal) laying around at my parents’ house, so we think they could probably make something kind of cool. Maybe that could become the sewbot icon.

They have a studio in this place called this Arts Incubator. It’s an old warehouse building that now rents out small spaces to artists. It’s pretty awesome. If we lived closer, I’d love to downsize our apartment and rent out a space. I think we’d both be more productive if we went somewhere else to work on things. A downfall to this plan would be that Lily would no longer be a major staple in our studio. (Lily is our cat.) She probably wouldn’t really like us working elsewhere. She likes to be in the middle of everything.
(These are kind of old photos of Lily. They were taken in our home studio when we lived in Lincoln.)

Going down to this walk and was very inspiring. It’s too bad we live on the other side of town because by the time we got home, we were tired and the inspiration was gone.

Yesterday we went shopping for various things. We took our camera back to Best Buy. Again. It’s having issues staying on the proper mode; it will switch from still picture to video mode. This is now the second time it is going to the shop for this problem. So, I won’t be able to post any of my own photos for a while. We went to Target where I got a new shirt for myself. I had purchased the same one two weeks prior, but was moving a computer at work and got a big hole in it. The boss bought a replacement for me because it really isn’t my job to be moving computers. We went to the thrift store to shop, but found nothing there. While we were there, Jason overheard some women talking about the fabric store down the street having an awesome deal on fabric. 3 yards for $1. There is a Hancock down the street, so we stopped in search of this fabulous deal, but apparently Hancock wasn’t the right store. Instead of 3 yards for a dollar, we ended up with a bunch of miscellaneous clearance fabric. I think it was a successful trip.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon in the “lab” working on the bag I showed the pattern for in the previous post. Butterick B5006 is the pattern. It’s turning out pretty well. I won’t be able to post any pictures anytime soon because of the lack of camera. Sorry about that. If it doesn’t get fixed this time and we send it back once more, I think we qualify for the lemon replacement. Yay!

We went to Jason’s brother’s house last night to play the wii and drink White Russians. I polished off the night with a good snuggle from Lucas. He’s our month old nephew. After throwing bit of a fit over needing to burp, having a wet diaper, and being hungry, he was very enjoyable. He took the bottle from me very easily and then fell asleep almost immediately after on my shoulder. I love it when he snuggles.

Today, I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing. I’m considering finishing up the bag. Lucille is handling it so nicely. (Lucille = new sewing machine) Lucille and I are headed to the owner’s class this week, so I wanted a bag I could put all of my stuff in. I’m looking forward to it.

This is probably a good spot to stop today.

Thanks for reading!

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