Monday, November 1, 2010

Oliver's Fox

This quilt was a commissioned project for my good friend, Michael.  Michael's sister, Nicola is expecting her second son, Oliver.  Oliver's middle name will be Fox.  How cool is that?

Michael's only requests for this quilt were to have it grey to match the baby's room and it should have something with a fox.  Pretty simple, right?  Here's the final product:


This is made from mostly Kona Solids.  The only color that is not a Kona is the light tan, which is a Quilter's Solid from Joann.  I couldn't find another tan I liked in the Kona, thus the switch in fabric lines.

Front Quilting

See the great texture that came from the quilting?  Here's my theory on how I that happens...
  1. I prewash my fabrics.  
  2. I do not shrink my batting before sandwiching the quilt.  
  3. I quilt fairly densely.
  4. I wash and dry.  This allows the batting to shrink slightly, which allows the fabric to bunch nicely.   

Here's the back.  I used a solid black flannel and pieced it with a solid grey flannel.  The thread is a dark grey.  I think it's pretty cool the way it give a texture on the solid colors.

Back quilting

See the texture?


Here's the label I did on the quilt.  I forgot to photograph it after I put the title on, though.  Oops!  At the top it now says Oliver's Fox.

So, that's it.  That's Oliver's Fox.  I'll be putting the free pattern up *hopefully* pretty soon.  Watch my Free Patterns section!

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Rachaeldaisy said...

This is so gorgeous! Love it as no doubt the recipient wiil!! Fox is such a cool second name!!