Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sewbot's Favorites - November 6, 2010

sewbot's favorites

This week my favorite thing is trips to Omaha.  On our last trip, I convinced my parents and Jason to go down to the park on Sunday morning and get donuts.  It's kind of a Sunday tradition.  Jason had never been, though.  It was time he got to participate. 

Another yearly tradition is photos by the planters at the park.  Here's some of this year's photos.

My Mom, Dad, Spencer, & Chloe. 

J+J Horizontal
Jason and I.

J+J Vertical
I couldn't decide which of these two photos to share with you, so I went with both. 


ga447 said...

Hi, Love the photos is the park by Joslyn and Central? Love the puppies and the weather here has just been fab.

Jessica said...

I suppose it's relatively close to the Joslyn & Central. This is the park across the street from the downtown library. Aren't the pups great? We love 'em.