Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Modern Quilt Guild Challenge No. 1

Here's my entry for The Modern Quilt Guild's Challenge No. 1.  I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  My intention for this quilt is to hang it in the dining room with a pair of spurs from Harold's collection, a cowboy print we picked up at an art walk, and a copy of a newspaper advertisement from when my great grandfather sold off cattle and machinery from their farm to move back to Iowa.  I think these few pieces have a common thread that would make a nice dining decor and make us smile from time to time. 

Vrooman Ranch - Inspiration

My inspiration comes from a photograph I took on the ranch of my husband’s grandfather, Harold, the day of his funeral. The barn depicted in the quilt is a simplified hybrid visualization combining the way the ranch looks today with stories and photos from Harold’s life. A 360 degree image taken from that photo’s vantage point would show the muddy fields, the small ranch house, a windmill, fencing, and cattle. The one thing I left out was the cold sadness of the day; instead I choose to illustrate warmer times.

Vrooman Ranch - Quilt

I also plan to enter this quilt into JoAnn's Quilt Your Colors Contest.  Because of the rules for that contest, I have left out the ranch logo you see on the barn in the photograph.  I do intend to add the logo after the contests are over and there is no copyright infringement issues.

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