Thursday, November 11, 2010

KCMQG Holiday Swap 2010

At the KCMQG November meeting last Thursday, we had a Holiday Swap.  The rules were you had to bring a "fabric infused" holiday item.  It didn't matter what holiday you chose and it had to be wrapped.

Trick or Treat  Full Front

I made a mini quilt I titled "Trick? or Treat?" It measures 12"x36" and is all machine quilted by me.
Trick or Treat ers

See the little people? They are debating whether there will be a treat waiting for them at this spooky house on top of the giant hill. They're a little scared and think it's probably not a treat, but a trick. It must be a trick waiting because who in their right mind will walk up this really steep hill to a scary house? What do you think? Trick? or Treat?

Oh, and just in case you can't tell, they're in costume.  That's a fairy, a princess, and a devil. 

Trick or Treat Full Back

This the back.  Cute fabric, eh?  I got it for 75% off at Hancock's.  Sweet!

Trick or Treat Label

Here's the label I made for the  back.  Can you tell it's a tombstone?

Shea, the KCMQG Vice President and writer of the blog, Empty Bobbins ended up with it.  I ended up bringing home the gift that Shea brought.  It's this cute little bunting that says Ho Ho Ho. 


I have it taped to the walls of my studio in the corner above my ironing board.  I think it might end up on the fireplace when we get a little bit closer to Christmas. 

Thanks, Shea!  I really love this little thing!  It is adorable and I can't wait to hang it up somewhere where everyone can enjoy it!


Shea said...

I think it's funny that we ended up with each other's swap stuff!

Next Halloween's decor at our house will be extra snazzy with your piece of art. :)

Melissa said...

When I saw this from across the room it just took my breath away. You are so creative!