Friday, September 10, 2010

Orange Elixir

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It's over.  :(  The Doll Quilt Swap - Round 9 has come to an end.  The doll quilts had to be in the mail by September 8th.  When did I drop mine at the post office?  September 8th.  I really had planned to have it in the mail before we moved, but then I ended up doing the Astral Summer, Flower Power, and Gifts from the Garden quilts for Fabri-Quilt.  Oh, well!  I still made the deadline!

Would you like to see it?  It has a name, now.  I've titled it Orange Elixir

Orange Elixir - Front - Vertical

Orange Elixir - Front

Orange Elixir - Back - Vertical
I couldn't decide which way this quilt needed to be oriented.  What's my solution to that problem?  I added a pocket in each corner so my partner can decide which way to hang it (if they so choose). 

Orange Elixir - Tag - blurred
I did applique for the first time on these tags.  I thought a few bubbles of the fabric made sense.  The name of my partner is blurred out because (s)he doesn't know who I am yet. 
Orange Elixir - Front - Binding & Quilting Detail

I used 365 Days of Quilting Filler Designs to come up with the quilting patterns.  The two I used were: Pointy Paisley and Paisley Division.

I also used this tutorial to make the faux piping binding.  Cute, eh?  I like the hint of blue to blend in with the piping I made to separate the wedges in the quilt. 

Orange Elixir - Trapunto close up

I tried trapunto for the first time.  The bubbles are all a little bit puffy.  I do think I should have done more than one layer of batting though; maybe three layers would have been better.

So, that's the doll quilt I made for DQS9.  I hope my partner likes it!  I sure had a lot of fun making it.

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