Friday, July 16, 2010

Yum! Sorbet!

Do you subscribe to Martha Stewart Living?  If so, pull out this issue.

Sorbet 01

It's the July 2010 issue.  Within it, there's a super easy recipe for raspberry sorbet.  All that's in it are berries, sugar, and water.  Simple! 

Jason and I have been making this tasty treat lately.  We've been substituting frozen mixed berries for the raspberries and leaving out the whipped cream. 

Sorbet 02

It's a super easy recipe.  As Jason's grandma would tell me, "even you could do it." 

We use our blender instead of our food processor.  Our food processor is too small to make a decent sized batch and the blender works beautifully.  So, pretty much you blend the berries, add the sugar water, and then freeze.  That's it! 

"All that work" and then you get these little tasty treats. 

Sorbet 03

We've recently upgraded our Tupperware stuff to Pyrex.  We have a combo pack from Walmart and a combo pack from Sam's Club.  The glass is easier to clean, doesn't melt in the microwave, freezes, and you can bake it!  What's not to love?

If you're looking to replace your gross old plastic containers, get the Pyrex combo pack at Sam's Club.  It's a few dollars more, but you get a lot more pieces.

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