Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 26th birthday.  I'm feeling like I'm over the milestone... probably because I'm not in my early 20's anymore.  Yikes!

So, here's a project I've been working on lately for myself.  I'm using up a bunch of my scraps to make these.  I have fallen in love with English Paper Piecing!  I'm not exactly sure what it will end up as.  We'll see how long until I'm ready for something new.



Nicole said...

I am almost 30....eeeekkkkk! believe me 26 is nothing compaired to (almost) 30. I love your hexies! I have started makeing some too. I am addicted and hope to make it into a large quilt some day. Happy Birthday.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday! I hear those are addicting, put them down and have some crazy wild fun on your Bday!

Alexis said...

Happy Birthday Jessica! I just turned 42, which is freaking me out because I'm closer to 50 than 30, even though I still feel 26. Enjoy every age along the way!