Thursday, November 20, 2008

A sneak peek for Christmas.

Hi. Welcome to the new address!

It’s been a strange week so far for Jason and I. We’ve been really slow at the office, so we’ve left early twice this week. The first day we worked in the studio on Christmas gifts. Jason’s family decided this year to make gifts for everyone. He is one of four children (who now all have spouses or fiancés), so things can get expensive. Last year we made calendars for everyone. We did the calendars in the CD case thing. We picked a different theme for everyone.

Katie, my sister – A Little House on the Prairie theme
Mom (mine) – Sewing machines
Dad (mine) – Jed Ortmeyer (an NHL player from Omaha who my dad reffed years ago)
Alex (Jason’s dad) – Architectural drawings
Momba (Jason’s mom) – Noses (she has a thing for nose stuff.)
Terry (Jason’s step-dad) – Trap shooting stuff
Amber (my friend) – Grey’s Anatomy
Tammy (my friend) – A photographer she really likes
Michael (my friend) – Beatles
Dean (Jason’s friend) – Video games
Gramma (mine) – Iowa Quilt Barns images
Papa (mine) – RV’s
Elle (Jason’s sister) – running shoes (she’s a marathoner)

I can’t remember the rest of the themes we did, but they were a lot of fun to make. They were really easy to do once you had one set up. Everybody loved them. We’ve gotten a few requests for replacements for this year, but we'll see if we get around to making any.

Instead of calendars, we have a different project. We’re going to make stationary for everyone. (I’m pretty sure none of them read my blog, so I’m comfortable putting this out there.) We’re thinking of doing somewhere around 16 cards per couple each with a different theme. Jason worked on some images yesterday when we left work early.

I went shopping yesterday. The little fabric store down the street from us is closing this Saturday. I went to check out there sales. I came home with 5 fat quarters. Sadly, their sales weren’t anything spectacular, so that’s all I ended up with. I also went to the thrift store where I found a tie (I’m thinking about making a few tie purses) I really like. I got a whole bunch off of eBay that just came in the mail on Tuesday. I also found a miscellaneous fabric bunch for a dollar.

It's been fun leaving work early to go do our usual weekend things.

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