Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gingerbread house contest?

Yes! That's right! A gingerbread house contest. This year is a the 2nd annual gingerbread house contest at my parents' house. Last year we all brought supplies, baked the bread, and built the houses on Christmas day. It was awesome! Here's some photos to introduce you to the idea. I'll be sure to post photos of this year's contest after it's over. Hope you enjoy!

The only real rules for this contest were that the main structure of your house had to be made from gingerbread. Everything except the tray you built it on had to be edible.

This was the house I built. It's a beach house. The address, #519 is the numbers of our wedding date.

I used gum for the roof. Dry, blue Jello for the water. Goldfish crackers for the fish. The driftwood is pretzels. My door is made from the chunks from a hershey's bar. My windows are melted lifesavers. My shutters are scored tootsie rolls.
The purple triangular thing is my boat.

This is the house that Jason built. He made a tudor style home.

This is my sister hoping her swing set will stay up.

Yes! It did.

We developed a scoring method, so that we could rank each house based on different things. If I remember correctly, it was on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest. We scored each other on craftsman ship, creativity, and favorite overall. There may have been a few more categories, but they have escaped me for now.

All five houses are lined up.

This is my beach gingerbread house.

This is Jason's tudor house.
This is mom's "Woodcutter's cabin". I don't have a good photo fo the woodpile she stacked on the left side of the house. There is the ax on the bottom left side of the tray. She had a bird bath on the back left side. It turned out very cute.

Dad made himself a solar house. Two cars in the garage. He even figured out what kind of angle was necessary on the overhang by studying the sun using the mini-blinds. He tried to convince us that because the dog went to his house first, he should win. he used beef sticks for his trees, so of course the dog is going for the meat.

My sister, Katie is studying to be a teacher. Her house was a school house. She had a table with books lined up on the inside. There was a chalkboard on the wall. You can see her swing set didn't make it very long. I loved her roof. I think it was Chex mix.

My parents were being goofy about something during the judging.

After the scores were tallied, mom won. Congratulations again, mom on your win at the First Annual MacDonald Gingerbread House Contest. Please note, I did make plans for my house. How could I not? It's what I do.

This year's theme for my house is going to be "Santa's Workshop." If you have any suggestions on things I should be sure to put in and edible supplies I should use, share them with me!

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