Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oregon Coast - Sea Lion Caves

The Sea Lion Caves are an awesome place to stop and visit.  It's a rookery that has an elevator built into it, so you can go down and check out all the sea lions hanging out on the rocks.  There's a fence separating you from them, so don't get too worried. 

Sea Lion Caves 05

Sea Lion Caves 04

There is also a little path you can walk out onto.  You can see down to the water where there are more sea lions.  Some loungin', some swimmin', some fighin'. 

Sea Lion Caves 10

Sea Lion Caves 09

Sea Lion Caves 08

From one of the lookout points, you could see this lighthouse.  Isn't it cool?

Sea Lion Caves 06

Don't think sea lions are the only things you'll see, either.  There were a ton of birds.

Sea Lion Caves 03

Sea Lion Caves 02
Sea Lion Caves 01

Last time we were here, we saw a coyote trying to steal eggs from some birds' nests.  Sneaky little devil.

In case you happen to be hungry, don't fret.  They have snacks there, too.  I recommend the popcorn. 

Sea Lion Caves 07

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