Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend Picnic

I live about 3 hours from my parents and sister.  We decided to meet up about half way between us for a Memorial Weekend picnic.  We met at the Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge near Mound City, Missouri.  It was a nice place for a picnic.  There was nobody around (really, maybe 6 other cars drove through the whole time we were there).  We got to see some critters while we were here.



and snakes. My were there snakes.
Snake 02

Snake 01

And we took a family photo.
The Macs 01

I love this one. I snapped it before anybody was ready to prevent the camera from putting itself to sleep. Everybody looks so confused. It just makes me smile.
The Macs 02

Hope you and your family are able to spend some time together this holiday weekend.

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