Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mount Rainier

We spent part of our day on Monday at Mount Rainier National Park.  It was such a blast. 

This was the entrance to the park.  Isn't it gorgeous?
Mount Rainier 06

The mountains were beautiful.
Mount Rainier 01

Mount Rainier 02

Mount Rainier 03

Mount Rainier 04

Mount Rainier 05

The visitor center had some awesome architecture. 
Visitor Center 02

Visitor Center 01

The flowers were awesome here, too.

There were all sorts of bugs on these awesome yellow flowers. 
Flower 05

And these white flowers were so sweet.
Flower 04

This little bird was totally posing for me.  I love how blue he is.
Bird 01

And this is what Jason calls the "man machine."  We rented a brand new Outback and fell in love.
The Man Machine 01

P.S.  If you didn't catch it, that was Jason demonstrating a man machine.

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