Tuesday, September 6, 2011

David Taylor

Way back in 2009 at my first International Quilt Festival in Chicago, I discovered David Taylor.  David Taylor is a fabulous quilter who uses hand applique to create photo-realistic art quilts.  Well, today, I attended the Blue Valley Quilter's Guild to hear Mr. Taylor speak.  Oh boy, was it better than I expected. 

He talked a little bit about the two quilts I had seen in Chicago and shared with you in this post. This one of the goat is titled Little S'Tinker.

Little S'Tinker
The other quilt he talked about that I saw at the show in Chicago was Christmas Chickadee.  I REALLY like this one.  It was interesting to hear that this one was made from 3 separate photographs.  One of the bird, one of the light, and one of the branch.   Would you believe that there are 17 different red fabrics making up the christmas light?  And would you also believe that they are all hand appliqued?  And yep... all of those pine needles are hand appliqued, too.  Have I mentioned he uses hand appliqued and doesn't use what he calls the F word?  F word being fused. 

Chirstmas Chickadee

There's no way I'm converting to hand applique anytime soon.  I like the quickness and ease of fusing.  I was totally blown away when I learned that he doesn't fuse anything.  All his work is made using hand applique and fabric choices.  Yes, that's right... he doesn't dye or color or alter his fabrics either.  He spends weeks choosing the right fabrics to get shade and shadow.  Yikes!  I really love the finished product, but I don't think I could handle the process he uses.  It was really interesting to hear all about how he works, though.  Very inspiring. 

Now that I've shared a little with you, I must go and burn off some of this inspiration by going and working on some quilts.  :) 

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Mary Anne said...

Wow...those quilts are amazing! And no "F"-ible web? Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing, Jessica!