Saturday, September 17, 2011

Modern Log Cabin Quilting

I bought the book, Modern Log Cabin Quilting, a few months ago.  At this month's KCMQG meeting, I was lucky enough to hear Susan Beal speak about log cabin quilting.  She talked a bit about it's history and when it was popular.  Did you know that it was popular in the time of Abraham Lincoln?  I didn't, but for some reason, traditional log cabin quilts have always reminded me of him.  Funny how your brain connects things like that, eh?

I learned what the difference is between a log cabin and a courthouse step pattern is.  Basically, it's a very similar block.  The log cabin is formed by sewing fabric one side at a time in a circular pattern.  To make it, you sew one side, turn it 90 degrees and sew the next side, repeating that process until you have the block as big as you want it.  A courthouse step block is made by sewing opposite sides to the block.  You start with the center square and add "logs" to two opposing sides.  Then you turn the block 90 degrees and add "logs" to the two bare sides. 

I also learned the term, "snip & flip" which is when you cut one long strip of fabric, leave it long, sew multiple blocks to it, snip it apart, and then flip it open.  How fun is that term?  I had no idea... I do it all the time, but didn't know there was a name for it. 

So, I learned a lot about log cabin quilting that I didn't anticipate learning that night.  That's always fun.  I really like when we have a guest speaker like Susan come and share something.  I think it makes it more interesting to see how somebody else views the quilting world and how they go about using their views to create.

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