Monday, September 19, 2011

Iron Quilter

I was kind of nervous to participate in the KCMQG's Iron Quilter Challenge.  I had no idea what to expect and wasn't sure I was cut out to make a quilt in a group in that short amount of time.  I sucked it up and put my hat in the ring and am so glad I did.
Iron Quilter worked like this:
  • Pack up a gallon sized ziploc with scraps of fabric from your stash. 
  • Bring your quilting tools and show up at the Bernina store at noon.
  • Be assigned to a group upon arrival.
  • Decide to share or not to share your group's scraps with the rest of the Iron Quilters.
  • Be given a secret ingredient. 
  • Make a completed quilt over the next 5 hours, minimum size of 18"x24".
I ended up on a team with Mary Anne & Toni and we had so much fun.  Our secret ingredient was from Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush fabric line.  The title of the fabric print is Bubble Burst and we ended up with it in the Sweet Cream Color way.
We used or stash fabrics to make the blocks of our quilts.  We used the secret ingredient fabric as the sashing and outer borders. 
Iron Quilter 002

Iron Quilter 007
Iron Quilter 003
Iron Quilter 006
The blocks we chose to make were basically strips of our scrap fabric sewn together.  We ended up with 9 multi-colored blocks on the front and 5 on the back. 

Iron Quilter 010
I cut strips of fabric for most of the day, but I did spend a few minutes in front of the machine.  I did the quilting on our little iron quilt.  I jumped onto the machine around 4:40.  Our deadline to finish the quilts was 5:00.  12 minutes (I think... no longer than 15) after starting the quilting, I had quilted the entire 26"x26" quilt.

Iron Quilter 017
We didn't quilt make the 5:00 deadline.  It was closer to 5:30 by the time it was all bound and completed. 

Iron Quilter 016
That photo above is me, Mary Anne, and Toni holding the quilt.  That photo is the backside of the quilt. 

Iron Quilter 020
Here's the top side of each of the quilts made during the challenge.

Iron Quilter 024
The backsides of each of the quilts.

Iron Quilter 019
This is all the iron quilters and the finished quilts.  I think we all had a blast trying to throw together finished quilts so quickly. 

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Sharon said...

They all look great and I'm glad it was fun, too.